Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Additional Commercial Rates

Container Deliveries / Pick-Ups / Swap Outs

 2015effective April 1, 2016
Drop Box 2-8 CY$40.40$41.75
Drop Box 10-40 CY$63.15$65.30

Pickup Ancillary Services

 2015effective April 1, 2016
Can/Cart Roll Out or Reposition (>100ft or up/down stairs)$2.55$2.65
Detach Roll Out or Reposition$7.50$7.75
Entering Secured Buildings$5.05$5.20

Container, Drop Box, Compactor, and Other Special Services

 2015effective April 1, 2016
Detachable Container Washing and Steam Cleaning, per container$37.90$39.20
Drop Box Washing and Steam Cleaning, per Drop Box$50.50$52.20
Can/Cart Pressure Washing$10.10$10.45
Compactor Disconnect/Reconnect Cycle$42.90$44.35
Dry Run$88.35$91.35
Hourly Paid Special, Truck and Driver$227.25$235.00
Hourly Paid Special, Swamper$75.65$78.20