Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, Acting Director

Case Studies

Maya's Restaurant

These Seattle businesses have experienced the benefits of reducing waste, saving water, and protecting our waterways. Share your story with us today!

Company: Maya’s Restaurant

Business Sector: Restaurant
Location: 9447 Rainier Ave. Seattle, WA. 98118


  • Since enrolling in the Get on the Map program, Maya’s Restaurant has received a variety of free marketing tools and cost-saving tips that have resulted in a 25% decrease in their monthly utility expenses.
  • The restaurant also replaced faucet aerators and installed high-efficiency toilets, reducing its water use by nearly 152 gallons, or 16 percent. This resulted in more than $1,000 in yearly savings.
  • Trained 16 employees to separate waste according to material — paper, bottles and cans, glass and cardboard.
  • Owner Exequiel Soltero began composting in the restaurant, which has reduced his garbage bill by $1,250.
  • Began to use only compostable takeout boxes and utensils for catering.

“People need to know that by going green, they’re saving money.”
–Exequiel Soltero, Owner, Maya’s Restaurant