Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Large Water Service Installation

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) provides site-specific job costs for three inch and larger water service requests and for any water service work in which there are no SPU Standard Charges developed.

Requirements and costs for large service installations can vary significantly from site to site and providing site-specific job costs is a more equitable, fair and consistent means to bill for these services. Your costs will be determined by SPU field staff who will visit the site and provide job specific costs. If you would like to meet with an inspector please coordinate the meeting through the Account Executive helping you with your work request.

SPU will provide job specific costs within ten days of the request. The job costs will be good for 365 days from the date they were issued. If the work is not initiated within the 365-day period, a new request for cost will be necessary. If the customer changes the scope of the project after project costs are provided, then a new request for costs will be needed.

Questions? Contact a Utility Account Executive. Email or call (206) 684-3333.