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Food and Yard Waste at Your House

Food and yard waste service is required for all households of 1-4 units as of September 15, 2012. Rates vary, depending on the level of service you choose. See Rates, Containers & Quantities. Yard debris - such as leaves, grass, and plant trimmings - are not allowed in your garbage.

It’s not garbage anymore! Seattle's food and yard waste collection service reduces garbage, saves landfill space, and reduces landfill methane (a potent greenhouse gas). The collected materials are processed into compost and used on local parks and gardens. Why waste a good thing?

Collection schedule

Food and yard waste is collected weekly, on the same day as your garbage. Collection is normal on all holidays except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Following each of those holidays, service will be delayed by one day for the rest of the week.

What goes in my food and yard waste cart?

Fruit and vegetables, yard trimmings, meat, dairy, and fish are all accepted, but what else goes in your food and yard waste cart? Watch a video of what you can and can’t put in.

Translated videos in: Mandarin | Cantonese | Spanish | Vietnamese

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