Seattle Public Utilities

South Park Water Quality Facility


This project will improve water quality in the northern part of South Park.


  • 2016 - 2017
    Field testing of water quality treatment technologies
  • 2017 - 2018
    Select water quality treatment technology
    Create initial facility layout, sizing and operation plan

Past project updates

February 2016
SPU has prepared a SEPA Checklist and a SEPA Addendum to document changes in the pump station and water quality facility projects. The water quality facility will revisit the SEPA process after completing selection of a treatment technology and facility layout.

July 2017
Field testing of treatment technologies started in Oct 2016 and is now complete. The data collected during the testing period will be used to select a water quality treatment technology, size the facility and begin the facility design.

Meetings & Events

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.


Shailee Sztern
Water Quality Facility project manager
(206) 256-5256

Sheila Harrison
Line of business representative
(206) 684-5899

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