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South Recycling & Disposal Station Redevelopment


South Recycling & Disposal Station Redevelopment project site.

What & Why

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will redevelop the old South Recycling and Disposal Station site, located near the intersection of 5th Avenue South and South Kenyon Street in Seattle. This 10-acre site is owned by SPU and will be redeveloped to include a recycling and reuse center and the existing household hazardous waste facility, which will be incorporated into the redeveloped site. A new pedestrian path on 5th Avenue South will extend the existing path north of the site. Solid waste trailer and tractor parking will also be onsite for SPU and City use only.

What’s happening now?

Latest updates:

  • We continue to work on designing and locating the facilities on site. We anticipate the design process to finish in 2019.
  • SPU is partnering with the Office of Arts & Culture to provide permanent public art as part of the project. Since the redevelopment of the site will include removal of some trees, the team developed a plan with input from the community and other public agencies to replace as many trees on-site and in South Park as possible. This past March, in response to public feedback, the Department of Ecology and SPU are partnering on a tree mitigation plan that combines both on-site and off-site measures to address removal of existing trees and allow for large tree species to be planted on the project site.
  • As of May 2018, the project team is working to determine the placement, quantity, and species of new trees that will be placed on-site. Where on-site mitigation cannot fully meet the tree replacement requirements, off-site mitigation will include enhancing the soil around existing stressed trees to make them stronger and maximize air quality benefits.

Site facilities

Recycling and Reuse Center (Public Access)

This new facility will allow free drop-off of recyclables including mixed recycling similar to the curbside program including glass, mixed paper, plastic and cardboard. Other materials, like metals, used motor oil, batteries, sharps, bicycles and reusable household items, will also be accepted. Customers accessing these services will no longer have to wait in line at the South Transfer Station to drop off these materials.

Household Hazardous Waste Facility (Public Access)

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facilities accept—free of charge—a variety of products including oil-based paints, cleaning products, batteries and fluorescent light bulbs and tubes. The existing HHW facility at this location will remain and be modified to improve traffic flow and customer usability.

Pedestrian Path (Public Access)

This new path along 5th Avenue South will extend the path that already exists north of the site. The path will include landscaping, pedestrian lighting and benches.

Solid Waste Support Facilities (Closed to Public)

Solid waste includes the garbage and yard waste that residents and businesses set out for collection. This site will include some of the amenities needed to support solid waste transfer services, such as crew facilities and crew and trailer parking.

Project goals and benefits

  • More recycling options will help us reach Seattle’s goal of recycling 70 percent of our waste by 2022.
  • More efficient operation and better services provided to all city residents and businesses. You’ll be able to:
    • Drop off mixed recyclables for free before leaving other garbage at the South Transfer Station
    • Leave used items that are in good condition for others to take (including small appliances, pots and pans, clothes and other household items)
    • Deposit, free of charge, household hazardous waste (including oil-based paints, cleaning products and batteries) in a different building onsite
  • The site redevelopment also includes environmental benefits: 
    • Reduced landfill gas emissions. Soil contaminated from the landfill will be covered with pavement to protect users from old buried solid waste.
    • Cleaner groundwater. An on-site drainage system will reduce the amount of rainwater that soaks through the landfill, keeping the groundwater cleaner.


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