Seattle Public Utilities

South Recycling & Disposal Station


South Recycling & Disposal Station Redevelopment project site.



  • 2015 – 2017
    Options analysis
  • 2017 – 2019
    Design and permitting
  • 2019 – 2022
  • 2022
    Anticipated completion

Past project updates

January 2016

SPU completed their public comment period on the Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Checklist and Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) for the South Recycling & Disposal Station Redevelopment Project Interim Remedial Action.

February 2016 (Stakeholder Group Meeting #1)

Based on community feedback, SPU convened a project stakeholder group consisting of South Park residents, representatives from community-based organizations, and business owners. The first stakeholder group meeting included an overview of the project, introductions of the project team and stakeholder group members, and a preliminary discussion on stakeholder group priorities and expectations for the project.

March 2016 (Stakeholder Group Meeting #2)

Discussion at the second stakeholder group meeting focused on:

  • Customer use of the new recycling facility
  • Preferences for the walking path design and fence layout
  • The public art process (run by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture)

June 2016 (Stakeholder Group Meeting #3)

Discussion at the second stakeholder group meeting focused on:

  • The SEPA checklist (what’s in it, how it will be distributed, and the associated public comment period)
  • Updates on public art and the pedestrian path
  • A presentation on the decant/dewatering facility (what it is and why it’s needed)
  • Tree mitigation requirements
  • Reconfirming operational impacts of highest concern to the group

August 2016 (Resident and Business Drop-in Sessions)

Members of the SPU project team held two open drop-in sessions to share Design updates on the project. One session (advertised via direct mail, email and social media) was geared toward local community members. The second drop-in session invited neighboring business owners and landlords to learn more about the project (via direct mail and door-to-door outreach). Both sessions focused on project updates, including: status on the public art element, the new walking path on 5th Avenue South, street and sidewalk improvements, and operational impacts.

October 2016 (Stakeholder Group Meeting #4)

Discussion at the second stakeholder group meeting focused on:

  • Broader community outreach done since the last meeting
  • An update on the project schedule due to a change in project scope
  • Further discussion of the decant/dewatering facility, specifically odor control mitigation options
  • An update on tree mitigation progress, including the results of investigation of various South Park locations for potential tree planting
  • An update on how the prioritized operational impacts (air pollution/air quality, odor, noise, truck traffic, truck routes, illegal dumping, scrap metal vendors) will be addressed


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