Seattle Public Utilities

Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation


An aerial view of the Meadowbrook Pond Facility.

What & Why

The Meadowbrook Pond Stormwater Detention and Flood Control Facility (Meadowbrook Pond Facility) is a Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) site located at 35th Avenue N.E., between N.E. 105th and 110th streets in northeast Seattle.

The Meadowbrook Pond Facility was designed to provide multiple stormwater benefits, including flood reduction, water quality improvement, sediment removal, and habitat improvement in Thornton Creek.

The Meadowbrook Pond Facility also provides additional public benefit such as wildlife habitat and open space.

To comply with federal and state requirements, SPU will conduct necessary, routine maintenance to remove accumulated sediment from the Meadowbrook Pond Facility.

SPU will evaluate the ongoing monitoring and maintenance program for this facility as part of the Meadowbrook Pond Rehabilitation Project. However, SPU will not make safety or operational improvements to the facility during this maintenance project.

What's happening now?

The Meadowbrook Pond Rehabilitation Project is currently in the planning and design phase. Initial community outreach has started with more planned later this year.

Project goals and benefits

This project will restore the facility’s designed functionality for stormwater detention and flood control.

Project documents

DNS for Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation (pdf)

SEPA Checklist for Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation (pdf)

Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation Project Overview (pdf)