Seattle Public Utilities Ray Hoffman, Director

Specifications and Pre-approved Materials

Porous Pavement 

Approved Pervious Wearing Course (pdf)

Pervious Concrete Specifications (pdf)

Permeable Pavement Details (pdf)

Permeable Pavement CAD files 6-23 to 6-26 (zip)

Bioretention (Rain Gardens, Stormwater Planters) 

Bioretention Soil Specification (pdf)

Bioretention within Right-of-Way Details (pdf)

Bioretention within Right-of-Way CAD files 6-15 to 6-22, 6-27, and 6-28 (zip)

Planting List for Use in Right-of-Way (pdf)

Bioretention Planting List Compilation from Previous NDS Projects (pdf)
Planting list to share ideas for potential uses on private parcel applications (remember any bioretention within right-of-way must use list provided above; any exceptions will result in no SPU role in system O&M) 

Rain Water Harvesting 

Rainwater harvesting Client Assisted Memo (pdf)

Other Rainwater Harvest information

Green Roofs

Media Specifications and Testing - Draft (pdf)