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RainWise Rebates for Cisterns and Rain Gardens

eligibility areas map

View larger maps and enter your address at the RainWise Tools website to see if you qualify for RainWise rebates.

A green solution to an overflowing problem

When it rains hard, combined storm and sanitary sewers in some areas can’t handle all the volume, causing “combined sewer overflows” (CSOs) into the nearest water body. Learn more >

Seattle is working on this problem with a combination of traditional (big pipes and tanks) and “green” infrastructure. As part of that investment, the City plans to help residents reduce stormwater runoff from their property in target CSO basins.

Property owners in several CSO basins (see map at right) are eligible for rebates. The City will pay most of the cost of installing rain gardens and cisterns, depending on how many square feet of roof runoff is controlled. Learn more in the RainWise Rebates Flyer (pdf), or take a virtual tour of completed RainWise projects.

Find out if you qualify for rebates, and how to apply

To qualify for the RainWise Rebates:

  1. Rain Gardens or cisterns must be installed on properties within a target CSO basin (see map at top right).
  2. Work must be done by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor on the RainWise Tools website.
  3. Inspection by a Seattle Public Utilities inspector, an infiltration test, and completed forms are required (see Details below).
  4. Rebate request forms must be received within 90 days after approval of the installation by the SPU inspector.

Details, Forms, Designs, and Frequently Asked Questions

Download these PDF forms, instructions, and required design specifications.

Learn more about qualified contractors and RainWise techniques for your property on the RainWise Tools website. For basic designs see the Rain Garden and Cistern factsheets on the RainWise website, but be sure to follow the Design Specifications above to qualify for rebates.

Questions? Email us at, or call Seattle Public Utilities’ Garden Hotline at (206) 633-0224.