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Lower Taylor Creek Restoration Project

In 2010 and 2011, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) purchased property at the lower reaches of Taylor Creek, located near the south end of Lake Washington in southeast Seattle. This provided an opportunity for SPU to increase the quality and amount of Taylor Creek and Lake Washington shoreline habitat, particularly for threatened juvenile Chinook salmon. SPU completed the Public Access Options Analysis phase in fall 2013 and is currently in the Preliminary Design phase of the project. During this phase, SPU will finalize the public access design option and identify the preferred creek alignment.

Project overview

The Lower Taylor Creek Restoration Project (pdf) will:

  • Improve surrounding habitat.
  • Improve fish passage between Lake Washington and Deadhorse Canyon.
  • Replace the culvert under Rainier Avenue S.
  • Reduce storm-related flooding and sediment deposition at the mouth of the creek (as possible).
  • Provide public access at the site once construction is complete. The final decision about the preferred creek alignment for design will be made during preliminary engineering phase, by early 2016. Learn more about public access options analysis.