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Meadowbrook Pond Background

How Meadowbrook Pond Works (pdf).

The Meadowbrook Pond site was previously occupied by the Lake City Sewage Treatment Plant. SPU bought the closed treatment plant and constructed the Meadowbrook Pond facility in 1998. The park-like facility was created through the efforts of community leaders, artists, environmental specialists and local government.

Meadowbrook Pond collects a large amount of sediment coming down Thornton Creek and provides an area for the sediment to settle, reducing the amount of sediment  that is carried downstream. Approximately every 3-4 years, SPU must clean the sediment from the facility. The entire pond is cleaned about every 10 years.

Today Meadowbrook Pond provides habitat for beavers, waterfowl, and others. The Pond also provides opportunities for walking, running, and wildlife and art viewing, in addition to its environmental benefits.