Seattle Public Utilities

Our Watersheds

The City of Seattle manages two large, regional watersheds – Cedar River and Tolt. These regional watersheds supply Seattle and surrounding communities with drinking water, plus serve as a home for wildlife and salmon.

Seattle also has many urban watersheds within the city. We must preserve and improve our urban watersheds to create a healthy and livable community.

Masonry Pool Seattle’s protected Cedar River Watershed

A view of the snow on the upper mountains near Chester Morse Lake

How snow becomes our drinking water

Snow accumulated in our mountain watershed assures a good supply of fresh water in the spring and summer. The water goes to our city as drinking water – and serves species like salmon and steelhead trout.

Chester Morse Lake

The Cedar River Watershed’s varied habitats

The City of Seattle carefully manages the Cedar River Watershed to help populations of salmon, steelhead, and other species of fish and wildlife. Learn about the watershed’s varied and rich habitats.