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Puget Sound Starts Here

pugetSoundStartsHereLogoPuget Sound Starts Here is a partnership of regional governments dedicated to improving water quality in Puget Sound and our local lakes, rivers, and streams. It is a consortium of 57 cities and counties and is designed to convey the important message that no matter where you stand – from Bellingham to Olympia, the Olympic Mountains to the Cascades – the water that falls around you eventually ends up in Puget Sound, carrying whatever is on the ground along with it.

Restore Our Waters is the City of Seattle’s commitment to take actions and promote partnerships that protect and improve our creeks, lakes, the Duwamish River, and Puget Sound; and is thus a proud partner in this pursuit

What Is This Storm Drain Marker, and Why Is It Here?

stormdrainMarkerA storm drain is a particularly apt place to see the message Puget Sound Starts Here. There are thousands of storm drains in Seattle that lead directly to our local waterways without receiving any water quality treatment. Anything that is carried into one of these drains, (including the one you’ve clicked on) – from petroleum to pesticides, and pet waste to car soap – flows through underground pipes and into Lake Union, Lake Washington, the Duwamish River, a local creek and eventually into Puget Sound.

Like a garbage can labeled “Landfill” rather than “Garbage,” this marker serves as a reminder that water entering storm drains in our city doesn’t just disappear; it goes into the very waters we use recreationally and commercially. To see how what goes into a storm drain affects our waterways, watch a video of a local diver revealing Puget Sound's underwater trash.


Get Involved

If what you’ve seen and read here excites you, there are many ways you can get involved. What we’d love to encourage first and foremost is that you involve your favorite community group in the installation of anywhere from 10 to 500 of the storm drain markers you found today. This is a pilot project, and Restore Our Waters intends that all of the markers we’ve so far received will be placed by volunteers. Contact today if you are a member of a group or organization that you believe would want to place additional storm drain markers within Seattle.

Learn about more ways to get involved.

Of course, if you’re as busy as the rest of us, you can start helping today with something as simple as dedicating yourself to picking up after your pet every time, even in your own backyard. Or, if you don’t have a pet, consider taking your car to a car wash next time it needs a shine.

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