Seattle Public Utilities

Urban Blueprint

In December 2003, the city of Seattle finalized the Urban Blueprint for Habitat Protection and Restoration. The Urban Blueprint analyzes what chinook salmon do as they move through Seattle, and helps identify the actions needed to protect them.

The Urban Blueprint draws on recent and groundbreaking research by independent scientists. It will guide us in making wise investments in salmon recovery. Without sound science guiding us, we could fail to restore the most important chinook habitat, or worse yet, make existing problems even larger.

This report is the third in a series which is meant to document and explain the developing science of salmon recovery in Seattle.

The following documents are in PDF format.


Seattle's Scientific Methodology

Seattle's Aquatic Environments

Seattle's Inventory/Assessment Strategy

Seattle's Regulations Which Will Influence the Future

Seattle's Watersheds Outside the Municipal Boundaries


This report was prepared by the City of Seattle's Salmon Team December, 2003.