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Coho Salmon


ChinProgSeddeliverySm Predicted annual delivery of road-generated sediment in anadromous fish habitat
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Decommissioned-Roads-Anadromous-Fish-HabitatSm Decommissioned roads associated with anadromous fish habitat
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StrmRptsAccessfishhabSm Fish habitat provided through removal of fish passage barriers in the Cedar River Municipal Watershed.
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LgwoodLwdamountsSm Large woody debris in the Cedar River between Cedar Falls and Landsburg Diversion Dam
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CohoCrwPotenfishhabSm Completion of the Landsburg fish passage facilities in the late summer of 2003 increased stream miles of mainstem and tributary habitat available to Coho salmon by 46%.
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CohoCrwPotenfishhabSm Annual number of adult Chinook and Coho passing upstream at the Landsburg Dam Fish Ladder
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