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King Conservation District – Seattle Community Partnership Grant

The King Conservation District – Seattle Community Partnership Grant Program is a joint effort to support projects that achieve both KCD’s and the City’s priorities for natural resource improvement. Funding for the grant program comes from per parcel rates and charges paid by Seattle property owners for the King Conservation District.

KCD manages the application, awards, and grants. As part of the process, the City of Seattle, through Seattle Public Utilities, makes a recommendation to KCD about which projects should be funded within Seattle.

KCD grant focus is:

  • Education and Outreach to raise awareness, deepen knowledge, and change behaviors.
  • Capacity Building to enhance the ability of organizations, agencies, residents, landowners and other land managers to implement best management practices and deliver actions on the ground.
  • Pilot and Demonstration Projects to test and/or improve concepts and/or approaches that can be replicated by others.
  • Direct Improvement of Natural Resource Conditions

See the 2013 KCD-Seattle Community Grant Awards list and the previous grant award summaries on the KCD website.

Application Process

The annual grant process closed June 6, 2014.

Applicants interested in applying for the King Conservation Grant next year should contact:

Jessica Saavedra
King Conservation District Grants Manager
(425) 282-1906