Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Resolving Code and Permit Disputes


Level 1 – Contact a Supervisor

How long will it take?

A supervisor will give you a verbal answer, usually within a day. Email is preferred and often results in a quicker response. The answer may take longer if the dispute involves complex code or legal issues. We will let you know as soon as possible that the issue is being referred for additional input.

Who should I contact?

Paul Kimani
Supervising Civil Engineer
(206) 684-4602

Responsible for:

  • Preliminary Assessment requirements
  • Design Guidance
  • Engineering Standards
  • Street Improvement or Utility Permits
    • Resolution of plan review comments for street improvement or utility permits
    • Review times and process disagreements
  • Hydrant flow tests
  • Stormwater Code requirements
  • Construction Dewatering
    • Approval process
    • SPU system capacity
  • Side sewer issues referred to SPU by the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections (SDCI)
  • Buildovers (approval to build over SPU infrastructure)

Cody-Lee Gray
Project Lead Supervisor
(206) 733-9885

Responsible for:

  • Water main extension, service and associated appurtenances projects
    • System improvement requirements
    • Water crew coordination
    • Cost or invoicing issues
  • Water Availability Certificate Issuance

Stephen Friend
Strategic Advisor
Seattle Public Utilities
(206) 423-2610

Responsible for:

  • Inspection of SPU construction projects

Seattle Department of Transportation Street Use Counter
Your assigned Street Use Inspector
(206) 684-5283

Responsible for:

  • Inspection issues in street right of way

Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections (SDCI)
Side Sewer & Drainage Counter
(206) 684-5362

Responsible for

  • Side sewer permitting
  • Drainage/side sewer review for private parcel development projects

Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections
Find a Site Inspector (pdf)
Find your building inspector (pdf)
(206) 684-8950

Responsible for

  • Site, side sewer, and construction inspections for private property projects

Level 2 – Contact the Plan Review Manager

If you disagree with the supervisor’s decision in Level 1, contact:
Hari Ponnekanti
Engineering Plan Review Manager
(206) 684-5919

The manager will:

  • send you a written response, usually within two weeks of the request, unless additional, time-consuming research, analysis or discussion is required;
  • let you know within a week of your request, if extra work will be needed;
  • involve the assigned staff and supervisor to gain full understanding of the situation and inform them of the final resolution.

Level 3 - Contact the Director

If you still feel that the prior decisions and explanations do not resolve the dispute, feel free to contact our Development Services Office (DSO) Director:
Jeff Bingaman
DSO Division Director - Interim
(206) 684 - 5901