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SPU, SDOT & Seattle Parks Department will be upgrading to 2017 version of our AutoCAD products in December of this year.

The resources listed are for CAD users in Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), as well as consultants who are working on projects for SPU or SDOT.

We put together these supporting files and the CAD Manual in an effort to provide as much assistance as possible to the users. Since there are many ways to configure AutoCAD, we also tried to make the files as generic as possible. Should you have any problems or questions using these files or our CAD Standards in general, please contact the SPU CAD Support Team at

SPU/SDOT CAD Requirements for Consultants

If you are performing computer-aided-drafting services for Seattle Public Utilities or Seattle Department of Transportation you must adhere to the requirements in the following document:

SPU/SDOT CAD Requirements (pdf)

Drafting Criteria Guidelines

View the following documents to learn more about our drafting guidelines.

Custom Civil 3D Pull-Down Menu

A custom pull-down menu for AutoCAD Civil 3D is available.

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