Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Research Papers

Food Waste Prevention & Recovery Assessment – 2016 (pdf)
This report provides a current summary of challenges and opportunities in commercial food waste prevention and recovery in Seattle. Findings are based on 26 in-depth interviews conducted with anti-hunger agencies, food-generating businesses and public agencies.

Proposed Green Fee - 2008
This paper contains the background data on the 2008 Seattle City Council proposal to put a 20-cent per bag "Green Fee" on all paper and plastic disposable shopping bags provided by grocery, drug and convenience stores. The proposal was defeated by voters.

Food Waste Collection Pilot - 2000 (pdf)
The 2000 pilot project was designed to test if food waste could be added to Seattle’s existing biweekly yard waste collection program. Food waste was added to Seattle’s yard waste collection program in 2009.

The Role of Full Cost Accounting in Solid Waste Management - 1999 (pdf)
This 1999 paper details Seattle’s journey from crisis to an international reputation as a leader in municipal recycling.

Using Spreadsheet Models for Estimating Collection Costs - 1999 (pdf)
This paper describes two spreadsheet models developed by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) to estimate collection costs. The models consider variations in collection frequency, truck types, material separation requirements, transfer points, and more for single-family, multi-family and commercial customers.

Measuring Backyard Composting - 1998 (pdf)
This presentation was delivered at the WSRA conference in 1998 and focuses on how we measure tonnage diverted by backyard composting.