Seattle Public Utilities

Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has a Water Shortage Contingency Plan (pdf)  which provides guidelines for SPU to manage water supply and demand in the event of a supply disruption. This plan addresses both progressive situations, such as those that are weather-related, and more drastic and immediate situations such as facility emergencies (for example, a major pipeline break).

According to the Water Shortage Contingency Plan, the department would respond to a potential or actual shortage using a phased approach:

  • Phase I: Advisory Stage
  • Phase II: Voluntary Stage
  • Phase III: Mandatory Stage
  • Phase IV: Emergency Curtailment Stage

The Water Shortage Contingency Plan was designed with the involvement of wholesale customers, customer user groups, resource agencies, tribes, and stakeholders such as the landscape industry. A revised and updated version of the plan was developed for the 2007 Water System Plan. The plan is designed to be flexibly applied -- according to the specific situation -- and includes communications actions, demand management actions, and supply.

Contact information

Kelly O’Rourke
Water Conservation Manager
(206) 684-5881