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Education center renewal

Education Center Renewal

Earth Day 2013 volunteers planting and mulching - 90 volunteers strong!

Back in 2001, the Cedar River Watershed Education Center opened its 4-acre campus on the shores of Rattlesnake Lake. During the last decade, it has become an innovative and inspirational gateway to learn about Seattle’s protected Cedar River Watershed.

One of our original unfunded goals was the restoration of native plants for the entire landscape surrounding the Center. Until 2011, the Center was encircled by a sea of non-native invasive knotweed and blackberry.

In 2013, Seattle Public Utilities and the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed teamed up for a five-year, $72,000 King Conservation District grant to remove all invasive plants and replant with 2,000 native shrubs, ferns, and trees.

Restoration project goals:

  • Engage volunteers in the Center’s restoration effort
  • Share environment stewardship and restoration practices with the community
  • Create a self-sustaining native plant landscape

Leave your mark and help restore the Center grounds! Join us on April 26th for the 2014 Earth Day restoration event and celebration.

Did you know?

From forest to faucet for one cent per gallon!

What can one penny buy these days?

Believe it or not, you pay just one cent for one gallon of water delivered to your home. Once that water is used and goes down the drain, it heads to sewer pipes and regional wastewater treatment plants. It costs another 1.5 cents to treat (clean) the water. Together, it costs just 2.5 cents per gallon to deliver water from the forest to your faucet, and back to Puget Sound.

Surprisingly, in the past decade, conservation and economic factors have contributed to customers using 25% less water. In 2013, 1.4 million of our customers used about 120 million gallons per day (mgd), down from nearly 160 mgd in 2000.

In a time when everything we buy is valued in dollars, it is hard to imagine that something so critical to our survival costs just pennies. Learn more about your water rates.

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Registration opens for all 2014 programs April 1. Sign up by phone or online. We are excited to announce online payment is now available. Space is limited, so secure your spot soon!

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