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What Do Wetlands Do for You?

Rattlesnake Ledge

Eagle Ridge Fen in the Cedar River Watershed.

Wetlands are habitats that contain shallow water or soggy soil for at least some of the year. Classifying wetlands is complicated, but generally different types include marshes, swamps, bogs, and fens. Plants that grow in wetlands are adapted to have “wet feet” for at least some of the growing season. Scientists are just beginning to understand all the benefits wetlands provide. The term “ecosystem services” refers to how natural systems support human life. One of the ecosystem services that wetlands provide is purifying water by trapping sediments, extra nutrients, and pollutants. Wetlands also act like a sponge, offering protection from flooding. During storm events, water is absorbed and then released slowly over time. Stabilizing lake and river banks, recharging groundwater, and providing habitat for plants and animals are other ecosystem services provided by wetlands. About 1% of the Cedar River Watershed contains wetlands that act as natural filters and flood protectors.

Learn more about the Cedar River Watershed’s wetlands and see them for yourself by registering for our wetland program!

Did You Know?

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Mimicking nature, the landscape was shaped into what is now the Rain Drum Courtyard.

Here at the Center, the Rain Drum Courtyard gives an example of a created wetland. With “rain” beating the drums and Ruby Springs flowing through, the land is saturated year-round. Installed in 2001 as a “vocal” point for the Center, the Rain Drum garden brings wetlands into the built environment. Here, you can keep your feet dry while enjoying the rustling plants, singing birds, and chirping frogs, all supported by this artificial wetland.

Visit the Center to see how the garden has transformed over the last 16 years!

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