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How Does a River Run?

Amy Reichenbach

Amy Reichenbach, Associate Environmental Analyst, assessing a stream for the long-term aquatic monitoring program.

By gravity, of course! However, there are many other factors that contribute to the health of a river or stream. As managers of Municipal Water supplies, Seattle Public Utilities focuses on protecting and ensuring clean, clear, reliable drinking water. In the Cedar and Tolt River Watersheds, there are more than 100 creeks, streams and rivers that flow to the point where water is withdrawn for drinking, and beyond. These flowing water bodies also provide habitat for a multitude of plants and animals, including fish (in some places, Chinook, Coho or Steelhead salmon, along with sculpin and trout), amphibians (frogs, toads, and salamanders), aquatic invertebrates (caddis fly larvae) and birds (dippers and kingfishers). Clean water supports many plants and animals, while in turn they help to keep the water clean by eating and filtering algae, and providing nourishment to the plants that grow along the banks. Seattle Public Utilities monitors and assesses the condition and health of streams as part of our commitment to maintaining high quality water and healthy ecosystems. Learn more on a watershed tour this summer >

Did You Know?


A Dipper carries a caddis fly larva gathered from the river bottom. Photo credit: Kevin Smith/VIREO

North America’s only aquatic song bird, the American Dipper swims and walks underwater beating its wings against swift currents while feeding on aquatic insects. Spending their entire lives within the splash zones of their cascade river homes’, dippers often nest on moist moss ledges behind a waterfalls curtain of safety. Join us on a Watershed Tour for a chance to see dippers and hear their lovely song.

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