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Wild Winter Residents

horse transport

Pacific Wren nest.

Winter is a wonderful time to discover wildlife at the Education Center and Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area. You can find intricate nests in the leafless trees and bold tracks in the snow and mud. Our winter bird residents include melodious Pacific Wrens, majestic Bald Eagles, aquatic American Dippers, brazen Belted Kingfishers, striking Spotted Towhees, and busy Bushtits. The camouflaged pendant nests of the Pacific Wren and Bushtit are feats in art and architecture and are often hidden from view during the rest of the year. Elk, deer, cougar, bobcat, coyote, river otter, raccoon, and Douglas squirrel live around the Center and hunt and forage here all year. Wintertime is the best time of year to find tracks in the snow and mud, especially along the trails and shores of Rattlesnake Lake. With fewer human visitors, your chances of seeing an undisturbed track are much better. Come adventure on your own, or with us on a winter weekend program!

Did You Know?


A perfect day to entice a fish or two from the depths of Rattlesnake Lake.

Rattlesnake Lake is stocked with fish! Every spring, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) deposits hundreds to thousands of rainbow trout into the chilly waters of Rattlesnake Lake. The best time to catch these slippery creatures is from March to November. Selective gear rules apply and internal combustion motors are prohibited. Find out more on the WDFW website.

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