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Twilight Towns of the Cedar River Watershed

horse transport

Horses were important for transportation and work for the people of Cedar Falls. Photo courtesy of the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum.

Beginning in the 1890’s, company towns and logging camps were established by people lured by the rich resources of the land. Settlers found clay, coal, and timber, while City planners found water for drinking and electricity. At this time, it was much harder to travel from place to place than it is today. People travelled by foot and horse over poorly maintained roads and trails. Starting in 1907, watershed residents could get to Seattle by train, but automobiles weren’t common until after the 1920’s. Since it was difficult to get around, people lived close to where they worked. Cedar Falls was the birthplace of Seattle City Light and the home of the first municipally owned and operated power plant in the United States. Residents of the town of Taylor mined clay and coal to produce bricks, some of which are found in Seattle buildings today. Register today for a chance to hear the stories of life in these twilight towns.

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This fall, take the Cedar River Salmon Journey to see some remaining runs of salmon in the Northwest.

“Salmon are among the oldest natives of the Pacific Northwest, and over millions of years they learned to inhabit and use nearly all the region’s freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats…They are like silver threads woven deep into the fabric of the Northwest Ecosystem…The beautiful tapestry that the Northwesterners call home is unravelling; its silver threads are frayed and broken.”

Excerpted from “Salmon without Rivers” by Jim Lichatowich, 1999.

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Twilight Towns of the Watershed: Cedar Falls
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