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Energy Saving Bundle

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Buddy & Jackson like free energy-saving LEDs

Save money and improve tenant satisfaction with energy-saving upgrades. Seattle City Light offers installation of free efficient LED bulbs, and delivery of efficient showerheads, aerators, and energy-saving advanced powerstrips for tenants of residential buildings with five of more units. While at your building, the team will also identify other ways for you to save. Sign up here.

Free Auto Leaks Workshops

Auto Leaks Workshop

South Seattle College Instructor/Mechanic, Jesse Ruiz, (second from right) shines a light on the underside of a workshop attendee’s vehicle

Every year, oil and other automotive fluids find their way to Puget Sound and other waterways, hurting wildlife and habitat. In fact, it’s estimated that a full tanker truck of oil enters Puget Sound each day, all year long, by way of tiny drips. Seattle Public Utilities’ Automotive Maintenance Program wants to help you make sound choices. You’ll extend the life of your car and protect the environment. Participate in our free Auto Leaks Workshop and learn from a Certified Automotive Instructor. Have your car inspected, learn where most leaks occur, how to fix them, and get a free Vehicle Maintenance Check Kit.

All classes take place at South Seattle College from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Upcoming dates include August 20, September 24, and October 22. Register for a class here.


Free flyers and posters

Order flyers and posters in many different languages to educate your residents about recycling and composting. Order Where Does It Go? and Food & Yard Waste Tips flyers for each unit and post extras in common areas such as elevators or mail rooms.

Request assistance for your building

Do you need help improving your building’s food waste and recycling collection? Would you like for us to visit and talk with you and your residents? Do you need onsite technical assistance? If so, please contact Lauren Hoerr at (206) 684-5223 or lauren.hoerr@seattle.gov.

Missed collection

Report a missed collection online or by calling
(206) 684-7665.

Other service issues

Call our Customer Service line at (206) 684-3000.

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