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South Transfer Station Extends Hours
8 am – 8 pm Everyday

South Transfer Station

Dispose of your materials at the South Transfer Station.

Seattle's North Transfer Station is closed and being rebuilt to provide a more modern and efficient facility. Please use the new South Transfer Station facility at 130 South Kenyon Street in South Park or save yourself a trip by:

  • Taking construction, demolition, and landscape materials to local sorting and processing facilities. Find listings.
  • Ordering a drop box for special cleanup projects.

Recycle Building Materials and
Save on Disposal Costs

Recycle building materials

Recycle your building materials.

In Seattle, recycling costs about $60-$80 per ton, while disposal of garbage costs $100-$140 per ton. New recycling requirements apply as of January 2014 to jobs subject to City of Seattle Building permits.

Asphalt, bricks, concrete, metal, cardboard, and new gypsum scrap are no longer allowed in the garbage. Recycle them at "commingled" and source-separated recycling facilities for building materials. See qualified facilities on the SPU website.

Contact Shirli Axelrod at (206) 684-7804 or Gabriella Uhlar-Heffner at (206) 386-9772.


Multi-family Toilet Replacement Rebate Program

The Multifamily Toilet Replacement program was a huge success in 2013! Here are the results:

  • 66 buildings replaced 2,975 fixtures; building size ranged from 5 units to 298 units.
  • $455,000 paid out in rebates.
  • The new Premium WaterSense 1.06 gpf model was very popular. About three-fourths of the rebates were $200/fixture for these models.
  • One property owner replaced toilets in seven properties!
  • You can replace old, water-guzzling toilets and receive rebates of $75 or $150 per fixture!

If you’d like an audit of your building or more information regarding the program, please visit Saving Water or call Billie Fisher, Program Manager, at (206) 615-1282.


Reduce Costs With Improved Landscape Irrigation

irrigation system

Get a professional to help with irrigation systems.

Start the summer off right by having irrigation systems tested for leaks and breaks by a professional irrigation contractor in the spring. Also, SPU will analyze water bills, assess current landscape management practices, and make cost-saving recommendations. For properties with more than one acre of irrigation area, SPU will provide financial assistance to implement hardware upgrades to the irrigation system. Check out our tips and rebates. For more information, contact Jenna Smith at (206) 684-5955.


FORC Training
May 22 11:30 - 1:30

Does your apt/condo property have five or more units? Sign up for our Friend of Recycling and Composting (FORC) training in Rainier Valley. Interested properties must sign up a FORC first, which results in a $100 utility bill credit. Free food waste buckets for all units if a FORC attends the training. Pre-registration is required. Contact Mason Giem at (206) 684-5223 or mason.giem@seattle.gov.


Everybody Composts

Watch this short video to discover the many ways people compost in Seattle.

Spring Clean
Your Neighborhood

Help pick up litter, stencil storm drains, paint out graffiti, or remove invasive plants on public property in your community. Volunteers receive free litter cleanup bags, gloves, safety vests, and waste disposal permits. Call (206) 233-7187 or register online.

Contact Us

If you have any recycling, food waste collection, or garbage service issues and your property has five or more units, call an SPU multifamily service specialist at (206) 684-7665.

If your property has four or fewer units, call SPU Customer Service at (206) 684-3000.

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