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Recycling Workshop for Property Managers and Facilities Staff

Property managers learning how to improve recycling and food waste collection at a workshop.

Are you interested in improving the recycling and composting program at your building? If so, join us for a free training for property managers and staff.

  • When: September 22nd from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM.
  • Where: Pacific Tower, 1200 12th Ave S. Suite 110, Seattle WA, 98144.
  • Parking: Provided free of charge. Bus lines 36 and 60 stop outside the venue.
  • Benefits: Properties that have a solid waste account with SPU can receive free kitchen food waste baskets (if they haven’t received them in the past).

For more information or to register, please contact Paul Klein at (206) 733–9068 or at paul.klein@seattle.gov.

Fight Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG): Prevent Sewer Backups

Cooking grease.

If kitchen grease goes down the drain, it can clog pipes and cause expensive sewer backups in your building or unit. Residents can protect pipes and property by following these grease disposal tips:

  • Pour warm fats, oils, and grease into a covered, disposable container. Once cooled, put it in the trash.
  • Use paper towels to wipe excess grease from dishes before washing. Put soiled paper towels in your food waste bin.
  • Use sink strainers to catch food when washing dishes.
  • Put food scraps and particles in the compost.
  • Recycle cooking oil in a labeled, one gallon-sized plastic jug, such as a milk or juice container. Unlike FOG, cooking oil is liquid at room temperature (for example, vegetable or peanut oil).

For more information, email SPU_SCPP_FOG@seattle.gov.

Free energy-efficient LED bulbs

Buddy and Jackson like free energy-saving LEDs.

Seattle City Light offers installation of free energy-efficient LED bulbs, and delivery of efficient showerheads and faucet aerators for tenants of residential buildings with 5 or more units. We even provide energy-saving advanced power strips that can’t be found on store shelves to help tenants power off cable boxes, game consoles, and TVs when not in use. Visit our website or call (206) 684-3800 to get started today.

Now is the time to weatherize your building

Upgrade the insulation in your building to help lower winter electric bills.

Upgrading the windows and insulation in your building can reduce heat loss, lower winter electric bills, and make living spaces more comfortable for residents. Seattle City Light provides incentives for multifamily housing properties with 5 or more units to increase the energy efficiency of windows and insulation. Check out our website for details or call an Energy Advisor at (206) 684-3800 to get started today.


Order free flyers and posters

Order flyers and posters in many different languages to educate your residents. Order Where Does It Go? and Food & Yard Waste Tips flyers for each unit and post extras in common areas such as elevators or mail rooms.

Request additional assistance for your building

Do you need help improving your building’s food waste and recycling collection? Would you like for us to visit and talk with you and your residents? If so contact Hung Ngo at (206) 684-5223 or hung.ngo@seattle.gov.

Missed collection

Report a missed collection online or by calling (206) 684-7665. You can also request changes to your carts and dumpsters by calling this number.

Other service issues

Call our Customer Service line at (206) 684-3000.

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