Seattle Public Utilities Ray Hoffman, Director

SPU and the Community

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SPU meets monthly with three advisory committees that provide community input and recommendations on issues primarily related to drinking water, solid waste, and sewer and drainage. Residents of Seattle are encouraged to apply to serve on the committees to share their community’s ideas and help guide SPU’s programs, policies and services. The meetings are open to the public. Community Advisory Committees


1% of all eligible SPU capital improvement funds must be set aside for the commission, purchase and installation of artworks connecting with SPU’s mission, property, projects or the work of its employees. Visual art experiences reinforce and illuminate SPU’s mission to provide world class water supply, drainage and waste services. This program focuses on incorporating art that enhances SPU projects, facilities and properties or educates the viewer about SPU’s work. Public Art Program


Environmental Justice means equally distributing the risks and benefits of actions that affect the health of people and the environment. It includes involving the affected parties in the decision making process.

The Environmental Justice Network in Action (EJNA) program conducts community-based research and outreach on environmental and environmental health issues in immigrant and refugee communities. It has partnerships with local governmental agency and community-based organizations, which help to involve, educate, train, and organize community members. Environmental Justice Network in Action