Seattle Public Utilities

3rd Avenue West Water Main Replacement


The City of Seattle will construct a new water pipe between Fremont and Queen Anne.

What & Why


The City of Seattle constructed the 3rd Avenue West utility tunnel (utilidor) and 24-inch water main within the utilidor in 1913. The utilidor is located underneath the Ship Canal between Fremont and Queen Anne. In July 2011, the water main was taken out of service due to a leak. Following completion of King County’s Fremont Siphon project, SPU will replace the decommissioned water main. King County’s project is anticipated to be complete in 2017. Construction of the 3rd Avenue West water main is expected to begin after King County’s project is complete to minimize construction-related impacts to the community.

Project benefits and goals

The City of Seattle will construct a new water pipe to replace the water main that has served Seattle for more than 100 years. The new water pipe will provide safe drinking water and reliable service to our current and future customers. In addition, this project will increase seismic resiliency.


Fernando Platin, project manager
(206) 615-0991

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