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Urban Forest Management Plan

The Urban Forest Management Plan (pdf) is Seattle's first strategic plan for managing the urban forest. It establishes a goal of reaching 30% canopy cover in 30 years, which requires the planting of approximately 650,000 new trees. The UFMP establishes specific goals and lays out short-, mid-, and long-term actions necesarry to meet these goals. The UFMP also establishes metrics the city can use to monitoring performance as work progresses. The UFMP seeks to:

INSPIRE AND INFORM the community though the Seattle ReLeaf community outreach campaign including such elements as:

  • website
  • brochures, posters
  • media outreach
  • community events
  • strategic partnerships

PRESERVE existing trees, including street trees, both during and outside of development. This work is done by the Department of Planning & Development and the Department of Transportation.

PLANT new trees for future canopy cover. To encourage increased planting, the city has instituted a public tree replacement policy that requires the planting of 2 trees for every 1 tree removed. City tree planting programs include:

MAINTAIN existing trees to be healthy and safe, including power line clearance. This work is done by:

RESTORE 2500 acres of forested parkland by 2025 through the Green Seattle Partnership. Community partners include:

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