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Design and Safety

Benefits of Urban Trees for Safety and Design

Urban trees build community

Street trees help calm traffic.

Urban trees are not only beautiful to look at, they are also important for creating safer communities.

Decrease road rage Reduce driving speeds
  • Tree lined streets alter driver perceptions of lane width and create dappled light causing drivers to go slower. (Better Cities & Towns, 2006)
  • A key to having people obey speed limits is to design streets with trees. (CityLab, 2015)
Reduced crime
  • Areas surrounded by trees and greenery have been shown to have fewer instances of crime compared to similar areas without trees. (Landscape and Human Health Laboratory, 2001)
  • Trees in the public right of way coincide with lower crime rates - both violent and property crime. (ScienceDaily, 2010)
  • Studies from Washington D.C., Chicago, Baltimore, and Portland Oregon show that there are associations with more trees and less crime. (CityLab, 2012)
Reduced domestic conflict Aesthetic value
  • Trees frame views and buildings. Some trees flower or add other beauty to their environment. Trees also act as neighborhood landmarks and gathering spots. (Urban Forestry Network)



Green Cities: Good Health, University of Washington

Roadside Urban Trees Research Review (148 KB, pdf)

Trees Along Urban Streets (1 MB, pdf)

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