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Benefits of Urban Trees to Residents

Urban trees build community

Planting trees builds community and makes cities pleasant places to live.

  • Increased community – People are more likely to walk down streets lined with trees, creating increased opportunities for residents to meet and interact with their neighbors.
  • Traffic calming – Drivers slow down and show less road rage on streets lined with trees. Street trees also reduce stress levels in drivers, increasing drivers’ ability to cope with stressful driving situations.
  • Increased property values – Healthy, mature street tree canopy increases the value of homes as much as 9% compared to equivalent homes without trees.
  • Reduced crime – Areas surrounded by trees and greenery have been shown to have fewer instances of crime compared to similar areas without trees.
  • Increased personal effectiveness – People are more effective and procrastinate less when they live in homes surrounded by trees.
  • Lower utility bills – Trees around homes reduce heating costs in winter by providing a windbreak. During the summer, air-conditioning costs are reduced in tree-shaded homes.


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