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Silver Linden

The silver linden is no longer available this year due to problems with production. Participants who reserved the silver linden will be offered a replacement species. For more information about this, contact TreesForNeighborhoods@Seattle.gov or call (206) 684-3979.


silver linden tree

Silver linden

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Scientific Name: Tilia tomentosa ‘Green Mountain’

Under Power Lines:

Street Tree Planting:
Yes – minimum planting strip width of 8 feet. If planting a street tree you must be approved for a permit.

A great deciduous shade tree with small leaves that seem to shimmer in the wind. The silver linden is also prized for its small but fragrant blossoms and smooth silver bark. Great choice for street planting due to its hardiness and pollution tolerance.

Mature Height:
60 feet

Mature Spread:
40 feet

Small, deciduous leaves with conspicuous silver undersides and deep green surfaces which, when blown by a breeze, dance and shimmer as both sides are exposed.

Clusters of small, fragrant white to yellow flowers bloom out of a conspicuous bract on the leaves from late June to early July.

Tiny, egg-shaped and inconspicuous.

Cultural Notes:
Prefers moist, well-drained, fertile soil and full to partial sun. Its tolerance to pollution and varying conditions make it an exceptional street tree.

Potential Problems:
Less prone to disease and insect infestations than most trees. Aphid infestations and accompanying molds are possible, but the silver linden’s hairy leaves and stems help protect it from infestations. 

Minimum Planting Distances:

  • 3 ½ feet back from the face of the curb
  • 5 feet from underground utility lines
  • 10 feet from power poles
  • 7 ½ feet from driveways (10 feet recommended)
  • 20 feet from street lights and other existing trees
  • 30 feet from street intersections

More Information:

Contact us at treesforneighborhoods@seattle.gov or 206-615-1668 if you have questions about your tree selection.

silver linden tree

Silver linden leaf and flower








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