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Benefits of Urban Trees for the Environment

Trees in the city, especially large evergreen trees, are cruical for the environment.

Reduced energy consumption -
  • Trees around homes reduce heating needs in winter by providing a windbreak. During the summer, air-conditioning needs are reduced in tree-shaded homes. (Planting Trees for Energy Conservation)
Carbon sequestration Reduced stormwater runoff Air quality Erosion and landslides Create habitat
  • Even urban animals need homes. Animals from birds to bugs, and many things in between, need trees in able to survive and are part of our urban ecosystem. (Urban Forestry Network)
Heat island reduction
  • Street trees shade pavement, creating the most cost-effective way to reduce “heat islands” or zones of increased temperature in urban areas. Unshaded pavement can get as hot as 170 degrees during the peak of summer. Hot pavement warms the surrounding air, increasing temperatures on already hot days by as much as 5-8 degrees. (US Environmental Protection Agency)



Value of Trees Fact Sheet (248 KB, pdf)

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