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Economic Benefits of Urban Trees

Trees make businesses pleasant places to shop.

Increased spending Increased consumer patronage Higher occupancy rates Increase home values
  • Mature trees increase property values of your home by providing attractive landscaping. (ACTrees, 2000)
  • Healthy, mature street tree canopy increases the value of homes as much as 9% compared to equivalent homes without trees. (Wolf, 2007)
Save money on utilities
  • Trees around homes reduce heating costs in winter by providing a windbreak. During the summer, air-conditioning costs are reduced in tree-shaded homes. (CityLab, 2012)
  • In Seattle, we save an estimated 1.6 million British thermal units (MBTU) of natural gas and 43,000 mega-watt-hours (MWh) of electricty because of the urban forest. This is roughly a savings of $5.9 million annually in Seattle. (Seattle's Forest Ecosystem Values, Green Cities Research Alliance, 2012)
Monetary values for environmental benefits
  • There are economic benefits for cities and homeowners for the environmental benefits that trees provide including cleaner air, stormwater filtration and retention, and value as a habitat. (Huffington Post, 2012)



Trees in Business Districts: Positive Effects on Consumer Behavior (pdf)

Valuing Trees using iTree Software

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