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Save Our Water and Our Trees

You already know it's a hot, dry summer. That means we all need to be careful to save both our water and our trees. If we don't help our trees through this drought, we risk losing the benefits our trees provide such as shade, clean water, clean air, and friendly neighborhoods. Save our water and our trees by watering efficiently with a water bag.

You may see City of Seattle Department of Transportation trucks out watering street trees. Make sure the young trees (planted 5 or fewer years ago) in your yard are also receiving enough water; fill a 15-20 gallon water bag twice a week. This summer is so hot that even older trees may need a couple good soakings. Give mature trees one or two good soakings a month by setting a hose over the roots on a trickle for 30 minutes. A 2-4" thick layer of wood mulch around the base of any tree will do wonders to keep that water in the soil where the tree needs it.


University of Washington Tree Walk
Saturday, August 29th
10:00 am - 12:00 pm (Rain or shine!)
Meet at intersection of Rainier Vista and the Burke Gilman Trail (Map)

An urban forest provides multiple benefits to cities and their inhabitants.  The University of Washington campus is an excellent example that illustrates the many purposes served by a healthy urban forest. Explore the campus and discover a bit about the form and function of one of Seattle’s premier urban forest settings. This is a very special Tree Walk led by Dr. Gordon Bradley, Professor Emeritus of urban forestry and land use planning at the University of Washington's School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.


Trees for Neighborhoods Applications Open

Does this hot weather have you dreaming of a shade tree for your yard? Apply for a tree now through Trees for Neighborhoods. Seattle residents are eligible to apply for up to 4 free trees along with water bags, street tree permit support, and training in tree planting and care. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and trees sell out quickly. Did the tree you are interested in sell out? Find out how to plant a tree on your own.


Let's Green the Duwamish!

The City of Seattle is focusing on growing trees in the Duwamish neighborhoods of Georgetown and South Park. Throughout the year, you may see us working on important tree projects such as planting, caring for young trees, and pruning. Find all of our upcoming events in the area here.


What's That Tree?

It's a common question for us here at Seattle reLeaf, especially in the spring when flowers and leaves start to emerge. Now there's a new way for you to find the answer. Tree Walk - Seattle is an Android-based app with a web version for non-Android users that can help you identify the beautiful trees you see around you in Seattle everyday. Learn more here.


Street Tree Manual Available

This year, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) released a new resource to provide a one-stop tree care reference for residents, developers, contractors, and tree service providers. The manual outlines the requirements and standards established in the 2013 Street Tree Ordinance. Click this link to open and explore the new manual.

If you have questions about the manual, contact SDOT at (206) 684-TREE or


Stop Tree Topping

If your trees are being pruned, be sure they are not being topped. Tree topping is an outdated pruning practice that indiscriminately removes large amounts of leaves and branches. It looks terrible, causes serious damage to the tree, and often turns a safe tree into a safety hazard. Check out this great resource from the City of Tacoma on why tree topping is a terrible way to treat your tree. If you are hiring someone to prune your trees, make sure they are an ISA Certified Arborist. A legitimate arborist will never recommend tree topping.





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