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2016 Trees for Neighborhoods Selection

The 2016 season is now over. Please sign up here to receive updates about the 2017 tree list and application, which will open in July.


Evergreen/ Deciduous

Height/ Spread

Min.planting strip width for street trees


Cascara (Rhamnus purshiana)

Deciduous & Native
5 ft.
This small native tree boasts small flowers and purple fruit that feed many native birds. Its foliage turns brilliant yellow in autumn. (7 gallon container tree)


Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis)


5 ft.
A harbinger of spring, this tree is known for its deep pink flowers on bare twigs in early spring. Even in winter, this tree is beautiful. Great for locations under power lines. Prefers full sun or partial shade. (7 gallon container tree)

Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora 'Victoria')

30'/20' 5 ft. Native to the southern U.S., this cultivar thrives in the Pacific Northwest. Its large white flowers and glossy evergreen leaves are striking. Highly adaptable, this tree does well in most urban conditions. (5 gallon container tree)


Chinese fringe tree
(Chionanthus retusus)


25'/25' 5 ft. Known for its beautiful white spring blooms, the tree's handsome bark also provides winter interest. Quite uncommon in Seattle, it will make a lovely street tree under power lines. (7 gallon container tree)


(for yards too!)

Evergreen/ Deciduous

Height/ Spread

Min.planting strip width for street trees


(Cladrastis kentukea)


Deciduous 40'/40' 5 ft. Once established, this attractive medium sized tree blooms in late spring, with beautiful white flowers resembling wisteria. (7 gallon container tree)


Chinese pistache
(Pistachia chinensis)


35'/25' 5 ft. This is an excellent urban tree, adapting to wide variety of conditions, however prefers full sun. This tree has dark green foliage turning to a striking red in fall and peeling bark, adding interest in every season. (7 gallon container tree)


Swamp white oak
(Quercus bicolor)


8 ft.
This medium sized tree has a lovely rounded crown and dark shiny green leaves, turning yellow to reddish purple in fall. A very stately street tree! (7 gallon container tree)



Evergreen/ Deciduous

Height/ Spread

Min. planting strip width for street trees


Desert King fig*
(Ficus 'Desert King')


Deciduous & Fruiting
25'/40' Fruit trees must be planted in yards The delicious Desert King fig thrives in Seattle, producing dark green fruit with strawberry-red flesh. (10 gallon container tree)


Vine maple
(Acer circanatum)


Deciduous & Native
25'/ 25' 8 ft. A lush, multi-stemmed native maple species providing color and interest year long. Its leaves open red in the spring and turn a pale, bright green when fully formed.  Crimson red, winged fruit and brilliant fall color round out this tree’s seasonal value. (7 gallon container tree)


Baby Blue Eyes Spruce
(Picea pungens 'Baby Blue Eyes')


30'/15' Must be planted in yard A small stature evergreen conifer with silvery blue foliage, perfect for smaller planting spaces! Prefers full sun. (10 gallon container tree)


Serbian spruce (Picea omorika)


50'/20' 6 ft. Considered by many to be one of the most attractive spruces, this narrow and graceful conifer has arching branches and flattened bright green needles with silvery undersides. This slender conifer is a great choice for a smaller urban lot. (7 gallon container tree)


Shore pine
(Pinus contorta 'contorta')


Evergreen & Native
40'/30' 10 ft. A uniquely shaped native conifer that makes an excellent yard tree.  A highly adaptable tree that thrives in poor soils, rocky sites, and even in boggy conditions. It’s twisting, “contorted” trunk and evergreen needles provide year-round interest. (7 gallon container tree)

*Only 1 fig tree per household.

Contact us at treesforneighborhoods@seattle.gov or 206-684-3979 with questions.

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