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Trees for Neighborhoods

Where Are the Trees Planted?

The map belows displays where the Trees for Neighborhoods trees have been planted since 2009. As you can see, the trees have been planted across Seattle.

Explore the Interactive Map
To learn even more about Trees for Neighborhoods plantings, click here to explore the interactive map with even more information about the plantings. With this map you can:

  • Expand layers by selecting the individual boxes
  • Select different planting years to explore plantings by year
  • Click the "Tree Planted by Type" layer to see the distribution of evergreen and deciduous trees
  • Click the "Tree Summary 2009-2014" layer to explore the density of Trees for Neighborhoods plantings by neighborhood and City Council District

Think there’s room for more trees in your neighborhood? Plant a tree along the street or in your yard through Trees for Neighborhoods this year!

Explore the Interactive Map Here


Species Lists from Past Years

2013 Tree Species

2014 Tree Species


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