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Westlake Transportation Hub Strategy

October 2009 Update:

SDOT and Parks to improve Westlake Square Park this year as first step in developing Westlake Transportation Hub
Click here for more information

On Thursday, August 6th SDOT gave an overview of the Westlake Transportation Hub Strategy to the Seattle Design Commission. The presentation marked the public release of draft package of recommendations for comprehensive transportation and public space improvements in and around Westlake Station over the next 20 years. These recommendations will be used to help develop a prioritized list of near-term action items and hub-specific design guidelines.

Click here to download the draft set of recommendations

For 2010, SDOT has secured funding to design and implement the closure of Westlake Ave between Olive Way and Stewart St and the development of a pedestrian-friendly streetcar plaza. The new plaza is intended to be Phase 1 of a larger vision for improving Westlake Ave between Olive Way and 6th Ave, which anticipates a future extension of the streetcar associated with a potential new 1st Ave line (yet to be funded).

Click here to download a conceptual drawing of potential improvements to Westlake Ave between Olive Way and 6th Ave.

Check her for updates on the plaza as the design and project progress.

In 2008, SDOT hired a consultant team with expertise in multi-modal transportation, urban design, and real estate development. The project team solicited input from private property owners and broader public stakeholders, which has led to the draft set of recommendations being proposed.

For more information on the Westlake Transportation Hub Strategy, please contact:

Darby Watson
City of Seattle Department of Transportation
Urban Design Lead

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