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Wedgwood Neighborhood Greenways
39th Avenue NE Extension

Creating a network of family-friendly residential streets

November 9, 2015

Project Description

Seattle is building a network of neighborhood greenways. Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, neighbors and customers. On streets with low car volumes and speeds a greenway can:

  • Improve safety
  • Help people cross busy streets
  • Discourage cut-thru traffic
  • Protect the residential character of our neighborhoods
  • Keep speeds low
  • Get people to where they want to go like parks, schools, shops and restaurants

Neighborhood greenways are not car free zones, do not add bike lanes and there are minimal if any on-street parking impacts.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is extending the 39th Avenue NE Neighborhood Greenway. Neighborhood greenways make it safer and more family-friendly for people walking and biking. Our goal is to improve the experience for people of all ages and abilities by reducing vehicle speeds and minimizing cut-through traffic. This summer, SDOT is adding:

  • Stop signs, curb ramps, pavement markings and signs between NE 80th NE 89th streets; and
  • Stop signs at NE 73rd Street and new curb ramps at NE 60th and NE 57th streets along the existing greenway.

Through our Safe Routes to School program, speed humps are being installed along NE 80th between 39th and 43rd Avenue NE. Speed hump construction requires on-street parking restrictions for a minimum of two days and may include additional time for prep. Construction notices will be delivered to impacted properties prior to work starting, as well as ‘no park’ signs placed in advance. You may notice the extension route shown on the map has changed slightly from what was originally proposed as the most promising route. Based on feedback received at our May public meeting, we are now continuing on 39th Avenue NE until NE 82nd Street and then jogging over to 38th Avenue NE.

SDOT completed a full evaluation of the existing neighborhood greenway from NE 80th Street to the Burke-Gilman Trail in the south end. In addition to the traffic data already collected, we will evaluate how major intersections are functioning.

Project Map

Project Schedule (subject to change)

March 2014: Public Meeting

Spring 2014: Site visits, evaluation, design and additional outreach

May 2014 Public Meeting #2

Fall 2014: Construction

Project Funding

Project design is locally funded by the nine-year voter approved Bridging the Gap Levy.

Project Outreach

Project Contacts

Emily Ehlers, Project Manager at or (206) 684-8264

Dawn Schellenberg, Community Engagement Liaison at or (206) 684-5189

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