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Westlake Avenue North Existing Conditions Study

October 3, 2013

To inform the concept development process, the project team is studying existing conditions. This first step completes a topographical survey, traffic data collection and a parking utilization study. Initial design and alternative evaluation follows this effort. This research got underway in August and September of 2013 and final analysis will be posted here, once complete. The study area is from Aloha Street (Lake Union Park) to just north of Halladay Street, at the start of the Ship Canal Trail.

Parking Utilization Study

East Side of Westlake Corridor parking lots
East side of Westlake Corridor parking lot
East Side of Westlake Corridor parking lots

The project team is analyzing the following data, collected for each block and the City-owned parking lot in the study area:

  • On-street/off-street parking supply (number of spaces)
  • On-street/off-street parking regulations and rates (including residential permit parking locations)
  • Loading zones and other unique parking/uses observed (e.g. garbage trucks, boat storage etc.)
  • On-street/off-street parking occupancy (number of spaces occupied, measured once per hour)

In addition, the study will be supplemented with information from the most recent City annual paid parking study.

Traffic Data Collection

East Side of Westlake Corridor parking lots
Westlake Corridor parking lot at Galer Street

The team collected traffic data in September 2013 will be collected to quantify the existing conditions within the corridor including bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicles counts at driveway intersection with Westlake Avenue and along the existing sidewalk. The counts were done utilizing video collection, including a video analysis to document behaviors, interactions and conflicts between users. Bicycle and pedestrian counts were collected at three (3) locations within the corridor: the street, the parking lot and the internal sidewalk on the east side of the parking lots.

Turning movement counts were collected at 14 locations targeting driveways connecting Westlake Avenue to the parking lots. Turning movements into and out of the parking lot driveways, the first internal intersection and the service drive were recorded. These counts do not include through movements on Westlake Avenue.

Video analysis was completed at four (4) locations targeting locations within the parking lots identified during the field assessments. All data will be reviewed to document parking lot traffic flow, circulation patterns, user behavior, and actual or potential multi-modal conflicts.

More Information

If you have comments or questions about the Westlake Avenue North Cycle Track Project please contact us at:

Project Hotline: 206-909-8578
Project E-mail:

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