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UVTN Performance Monitoring and Implementation Project

The purpose of the UVTN Performance Monitoring and Implementation Project is to report on the performance of the Urban Village Transit Network (UVTN), or "Seattle Transit Connections."

The UVTN is Seattle's vision for a network of high quality, reliable transit corridors that support and connect Seattle's urban villages, as set forth in the Seattle Comprehensive Plan. The UVTN represents the backbone of transit service in Seattle. The goal for the UVTN is service at least every 15 minutes (in both directions), 18 hours a day, seven days a week.

The first report on UVTN performance was issued in February 2007. It was based on fall 2005 Metro data.

The second, and most recent, UVTN performance monitoring report was completed in June 2008. It is based on 2007 Metro data. SDOT is extremely grateful to the team of University of Washington students who produced the report for their class project.

SDOT’s intent is to produce UVTN performance monitoring reports annually. This will help the City and its partner transit agencies make recommendations on where improvements can be made to ensure the network is meeting all established standards.

Contact Jeff Bender at (206) 684-8837 or Jeff.Bender@Seattle.Gov

Click here to view the report.

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