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University Area Transportation Action Strategy
An Update to the 2002 University Area Transportation Study

Final Report

Table of Contents & Introduction

Neighborhood & Planning Context


Projects by Location

Finance & Implementation

Project Recommendations
Projects #1-10
Projects #11-22
Projects # 23-38
Projects A-L

Performance Measures
Existing Conditions Part 1
Existing Conditions Part 2
Future Conditions
Project Prioritization
Cost Estimates
Project Comparisons 2002-2007
Land Use Assumptions
45th St BAT Lane Memo
11th-Roosevelt Couplet Memo
Public Outreach

On Friday June 15th, SDOT staff and consultants working on the Action Strategy gave a presentation on the existing conditions of the study area and performance measures used for evaluation. Click below to view the presentation and accompanying handout.

Technical Background Information Handout

On May 15th SDOT gave a brief overview and update on the Action Strategy to the University District Chamber of Commerce. Click on the picture below to view the presentation.

Direct your comments/questions to Tony.Mazzella, SDOT Policy & Planning

Sept. 8th, 2008 SDOT completes final report; set to begin additional outreach related to key recommendations

SDOT would like to thank everyone who helped shape the University Area Transportation Action Strategy, including those who offered comments during the summer review period. A summary of comments on the draft report recommendations and SDOT's responses is now available in the updated Public Outreach appendix.

With the report finalized, SDOT and community members can now focus more specifically on some of the key recommendations in the Action Strategy, including more detailed design and outreach related to the transit improvements recommended for NE 45th St between I-5 and the University of Washington (Project #1). It is important to note that with every significant project recommendation in this report, SDOT is committed to more public outreach and notification to keep stakeholders engaged and resolve potential conflicts before projects move towards implementation.

The Action Strategy report provides:

  • An overview of previous and ongoing plans in the University District, as well as neighborhood and land use context
  • A description of existing and future transportation conditions by mode
  • Discussion of transportation issues and project recommendations by location
  • An overview of the process and available funding for implementation of Action Strategy recommendations
  • Individual overviews of the project recommendations
  • Technical appendices, including project cost estimates, prioritization criteria, and a review of public outreach

University Area Transportation Action Strategy
SDOT has updated its transportation plan for the large and dynamic area that includes all or parts of the University District, University Heights, Ravenna, Roosevelt, and Montlake neighborhoods. The update is called University Area Transportation Action Strategy ("the Action Strategy"), and it is in response to changes in major projects such as Sound Transit's North Link light rail, improved planning resources, and the desire for a better implementation strategy.

Local residents, property owners and businesses dedicated many hours to inform and develop the original University Area Transportation Study (UATS). The Action Strategy is largely built upon their hard work, and has adopted the goals established in the UATS:

  • To build on existing planning to provide a comprehensive, multimodal transportation plan for the area, and
  • To serve as a blueprint for financing and prioritizing capital improvements in the University Area for the next 25 years.
Why Update the UATS?
The original study mainly evaluated projects against forecasted conditions in 2010. In order to assess the long-term needs of the community and the impacts of new growth, the City has decided to extend the timeframe out to 2030 - much like it has done for the South Lake Union Transportation Study and the Northgate Coordinated Transportation Investment Plan.

Another reason for the update is the recent selection by Sound Transit of a preferred alignment for North Link light rail. The two University District stations are in different locations than those assumed in the original UATS, and the City must re-evaluate transportation improvements in light of these changes.

Project Background
In early 2002, The City developed the University Area Transportation Study (UATS). The report included:
  • Descriptions of existing and future transportation issues based on 2010 forecasts
  • Identification of roadway, transit service, and pedestrian & bicycle facility improvements, including incentives for high occupancy vehicles and actions to reduce travel demand
  • A list of eighty prioritized recommendations, including estimated project costs
Some of the recommended projects in the study area have been implemented by SDOT, including the installation of new sidewalks at NE 65th St. and Ravenna Blvd and safety improvements to NE Blakely St and 30th Ave NE. Other projects may no longer be needed as conditions have changed. However, a majority of the recommendations may still be relevant and need to be re-evaluated for implementation.

If you would like to submit comments or stay informed of activities related to the Action Strategy, please use the comment form or sign up to be on the email list. You may also contact Tony Mazzella at (206) 684-0811, or email Tony.Mazzella@Seattle.Gov.

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