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dditional resources can be found in Appendices A and B of the Trees & Sidewalks Operations Plan, which list best practices from around the country and in Seattle.

Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan (2009)
A comprehensive plan to “make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation,” with efforts targeted at enhancing pedestrian safety, comfort, and access in every neighborhood.

Urban Forest Stewardship Plan (2013)
A plan of action to reach the City’s goal of 30% canopy cover by 2037, as well as management strategies to maintain, preserve, restore, and enhance Seattle’s urban forest.

Tree Ordinance & Street Tree Manual Standards & Specifications (2014)
Ordinance #124166 provides greater protection to street trees and codifies current policies and procedures. The manual interprets these policies and procedures and will be published in late 2014.

Seattle Right-of-Way Improvements Manual
A reference guide to inform development of a safe, accessible, and environmentally friendly right-of-way to improve mobility for pedestrians, cyclists, automobiles, public transit, and freight. 

Feet First Street Trees and Sidewalks White Paper
A policy paper written by Feet First, a Seattle based non-profit organization centered around the promotion of walkable communities, makes recommendations for street trees and sidewalks.

Safer Sidewalks, Mature Trees: A Madrona Demonstration Project (2012)
A community-led effort to assess the 34th Avenue corridor in Madrona and create a vision for its future, including a map of the corridor, an arborist’s review, and a proposal for repair strategies.

Urban Ecosystems Article: “A Review of Tree Root Conflicts with Sidewalks, Curbs, and Roads”
An article published in the scholarly journal, “Urban Ecosystems,” that reviews relevant literature, explores the nature of common challenges, and proposes future directions for research.

SDOT’s Urban Forestry Division
This group manages Seattle’s urban forest in the public right-of-way, planting and pruning trees and landscapes.

SDOT’s Pedestrian Program
This program implements Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan to encourage walking for transportation, recreation, and health.

SDOT Sidewalk Maintenance and Repair Client Assistance Memo
This memo clarifies the sidewalk maintenance responsibilities of property owners and the City and explains the permitting process for sidewalk repairs. 

SDOT Street Tree Map
Provides information about the location and species of every street tree in Seattle.

Sidewalk Repair in Los Angeles: “Healthy Trees, Smooth Sidewalks”  
An article that describes the challenges of and potential innovative solutions for sidewalk repair in Los Angeles.

New York City’s Trees and Sidewalks Repair Program
A program of New York City’s Parks and Recreation Department that aims to resolve conflicts between trees and sidewalks.


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