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Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Healthy Trees and Safe Sidewalks Management Plan are guided by the following core values, which come from Seattle residents through existing city policies and plans:

  • Accessibility and Health: To provide a safe, accessible, and inviting walking environment, following universal design principles
  • Environment: To protect and expand a healthy urban forest
  • Equity: To thoroughly consider the needs of all communities in accordance with the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative
  • Efficiency: To preserve existing assets—both street trees and sidewalks—and use resources wisely

Specific objectives for the plan will be refined as the project develops, but these draft objectives have been developed to inform the early stages of the team’s work:

  • Retain healthy, mature, and appropriately sited trees whenever possible, while ensuring mobility
  • Explore and implement alternative and/or innovative sidewalk repair approaches to preserve trees where feasible
  • Evaluate sidewalk repair approaches across a range of criteria, including lifecycle costs and benefits as well as community costs and benefits
  • Add to the urban canopy by planting new trees in vacant locations
  • Communicate to property owners the importance of proper tree maintenance to address implementation of the revised Street Tree ordinance and the walkable zone

Innovative sidewalk repair


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