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Street Tree Planting Procedures

The City of Seattle encourages the planting of trees along public streets. To plant a tree in a street planting strip property owners must first obtain an Urban Forestry Permit from the City Arborist's Office. There is no charge for the permit, but the procedure allows the City Arborist to review the type of tree and the planting location.

After you receive the permit to plant, you will be responsible for properly planting and maintaining the tree. This includes watering during the drier seasons, mulching and pruning.

Besides selecting a tree for aesthetics, please consider the following before you plant:
  • In most cases, the Arborist only approves the planting of trees when there is a curbed roadway and a minimum five foot wide planting strip.
  • Trees must be planted to the following standards:
    • 3 feet back from the face of the curb.
    • 5 feet from underground utility lines
    • 10 feet from power poles (15 feet recommended)
    • 7 feet from driveways (10 feet recommended)
    • 20 feet from street lights or other existing trees.
    • 30 feet from street intersections.

Before You Plant, Know What is Already in the Ground

Please call 811 or 1-800-424-5555 to request the location of all underground utilities. They will mark your planting strip for the location of your water, electric and gas lines. You can confirm the location of your side sewer through DPD's website. Knowing these locations in advance may save you time and money by preventing an accident from occurring when you dig to plant your tree.

Street Tree Selection Procedure

  • Refer to the "Recommended Seattle Street Tree Planting List" (see links below) for a listing of trees generally recommended for planting within the planting strip area. The list includes a variety of tree shapes and sizes. Please be aware this list concentrates on hardy and readily available tree species. There are other trees that you could be use. Please note your selection on the form, and the Arborist will review your request.

  • Choose only small scale trees when planting underneath power lines.

  • SDOT's policy regarding spacing, is to provide the optimum canopy cover for the streetscape. The City recommends planting all small-scale trees between 20 - 25 feet apart (measured from the center of the tree). Small/Medium scale trees should be planted 25 - 30 feet apart; Medium/Large scale trees should be planted 30 - 35 feet apart; Large-scale trees should be planted between 35 - 40+ feet apart. All spacing shall be a function of mature crown spread, and may vary widely between species or cultivars.

  • There is no need to meet the Arborist on site. If you have particular concerns, you may note them on the planting request form. Be specific and the Arborist will address your concerns when he visits the location. If you have questions you may call 206-684-TREE (8733).

Maintenance Responsibility

In accordance with City Ordinance #90047 Title 15 Street Use Code, it will be the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the tree(s) in perpetuity.

Recommended Street Trees and Planting Schedules:

SDOT Master Tree List 

Large Tree List 

Medium Tree List

Small Tree List

Trees Recommended with Reservations, or Not Recommended in Seattle

Urban Forestry Permit Application

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