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Traffic Circles

Traffic Circle Volunteers Needed!

Neighborhood volunteer groups often choose to beautify their area by planting wonderful landscapes in their traffic circles – (Traffic Circles are traffic calming structures at road intersections that help create safer, more pleasant neighborhoods by reducing speeds and crashes on residential streets.) Neighbors remain responsible for maintenance of the traffic circle after it has been built.

Often volunteers move or are no longer able to maintain the circle. The resulting “orphan” circles wait until an interested neighbor comes to their rescue.

If your nearby traffic circle has been orphaned, you may want to consider becoming a traffic circle garden steward. The process is easy! Simply call the TREE LINE at 684-TREE to let us know of your interest. You will be requested to fill out a no- fee “Landscape Maintenance Agreement” with your contact information. You will also get information about the types of plants that are appropriate for circles and how to maintain the area.

Look here for a traffic circle near you.

Already have a circle and need maintenance tips? Check here to get information.

Sign damage? Report sign damage by calling 206-386-1206

No traffic circle? Check here to learn about the program.

For more information, call the SDOT Urban Forestry TREE LINE 684-TREE (8733).

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