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Transit Priority Corridor Improvements - West Seattle Corridor

In partnership with King County Metro, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is installing a number of transit improvements in West Seattle to prepare for the implementation of Metro’s RapidRide C Line service this coming fall.  The improvements will create a faster, more reliable corridor for Metro’s new RapidRide buses.

Project Description:

SDOT and King County Metro are installing new RapidRide bus shelters, bus bulbs (which keep buses in travel lanes at stops), left-turn pockets, Business Access & Transit (BAT) lanes on SW Alaska Street, and bike lanes along sections of SW Alaska and Avalon Streets.

SW Alaska Street from California Avenue SW to 35th Avenue SW

The installation of a BAT lane along sections of SW Alaska Street (between 35th and 42nd Avenues SW) will result in loss of 60 out of 107 on-street parking on both the north and south sides of the street.  (A number of these spots, particularly those closer to 35th Avenue SW, are currently underused.)  The parking spots will be removed in early June (weather dependent).

Other specific project elements along this segment include:

  • Installation of an eastbound Business Access & Transit (BAT) Lane between 42nd Avenue SW and 40th Avenue SW.
  • Installation of a westbound BAT between 35th and 42nd Avenues SW.
  • Installation of a westbound left turn pocket at California Avenue SW and SW Alaska Street, and eastbound left turn pocket at 42nd Avenue SW and SW Alaska Street.
  • Installation of a westbound bicycle lane between Fauntleroy Way SW and approximately 30 feet west of 41st Avenue SW.
  • Bus zone improvements at Fauntleroy Way SW & California Avenue SW.
  • Bus zone improvements at SW Alaska Street & Fauntleroy Way SW.

California Avenue SW from SW Edmunds Street to the Morgan Junction

  • Bus bulbs and other improvements at RapidRide stops.

SW Avalon Way between the West Seattle Bridge and SW Yancy Street

  • Completed – One northbound lane converted to a Transit Only lane during the morning peak commute from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
  • A new bicycle lane will be added in the southbound direction from the West Seattle Bridge to 35th Avenue SW.

Project Schedule

  • September 2011 thru January 2012 – Asphalt paving for bike lanes on SW Avalon Way between 35th Avenue SW and SW Spokane Street/West Seattle Bridge.
  • February 2012 thru May 2012 – Street improvements (bus bulbs, left-turn pockets, bike lanes, Business Access & Transit (BAT) lanes.
  • King County Metro is installing bus stop improvements at the Alaska Junction, Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal, and along the southern portion of the RapidRide route. 
  • April 2012 thru September 2012 – RapidRide service testing of new route.
  • Fall 2012 – RapidRide service formally begins.

What to Expect During  Construction

  • Lane closures during off-peak hours
  • Temporary pedestrian detours
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Temporary Bus Stop relocations
  • Moderate construction noise
  • Normal weekday work hours of 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with occasional night and weekend work.

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