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Rainier TPCI Project (Rainier Avenue/Jackson Street Transit Priority Corridor Improvements)

October 1, 2015

Project Description

This is a pedestrian safety as well as a transit speed and reliability project.  In response to community concerns about the pedestrian crossing at Rainier Avenue and Dearborn Street, the Seattle Department of Transportation will make a series of safety improvements at this busy intersection, including:

  • New curb ramps
  • Wider crosswalk and wider sidewalk
  • Relocate the push button pole

To improve bus reliability, we will install a southbound bus lane and queue jump between Weller Street and Dearborn Street.  This means that Metro’s Route 7 and other buses will be able to move more efficiently at this busy intersection.  Automobiles will be restricted from making southbound left turns from Rainier Avenue to Dearborn Street.  We will also move the southbound bus zone that is currently at Rainier Avenue and Dearborn Street to Rainier Avenue and King Street.

Construction Short-term Impacts

During construction, pedestrian access in the work zone will be temporarily detoured; however, pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained.


Project Materials

Click here to view a PDF of the project fact sheet.



The project is funded through a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation Regional Mobility Program.  $150,000 has been allocated for the planned project improvements.


Sidewalk and crosswalk improvements are scheduled to be completed in mid-October 2015.  The new signal at Rainier and Dearborn and real time information sign will be operational in mid-October 2015.  The bus only lane will be activated after King County Metro relocates the trolley wires which will allow Metro buses to use the center lane.

More Information


Call Jonathan Dong at 206-233-8564 


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