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Transit Master Plan: Resources

Local & Regional Planning Documents

Puget Sound Regional Council Transportation 2040   

Seattle Comprehensive Plan

Seattle Transportation Strategic Plan

Seattle Transit Plan

Urban Village Transit Network

Seattle Streetcar Network Development Report

Center City Circulation Study

Center City Access Strategy

Seattle Planning Commission Transit Communities Report

King County Metro Comprehensive Plan for Public Transportation

King County Trolley Bus System Evaluation

King County Regional Transit Task Force

Final Report and Recommendations

Regional Transit Task Force Final Report and Recommendations

Sound Transit Long Range Plan

National planning Documents

Transit-Oriented Development Strategic Plan (Metro TOD Program)

Reconnecting America - Jumpstarting the Transit Space Race: 2011

Reconnecting America – Street Smart (Report on streetcars and cities in the 21st century)

Center for Transit-Oriented Development – TOD 203: Transit Corridors and TOD

Transit News

Seattle Transit Blog

Human Transit

The Transport Politic

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