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SDOT Street Use Vending Permits: Food Vending Site Designation

Notice of Food Vending Site Designation

As part of a pilot program to create vibrant public spaces, SDOT has designated four new food vending sites and is accepting permit applications to vend in these locations. The sites are in high-volume pedestrian areas:  one is adjacent to Westlake Park on Pine Street at Fourth Avenue, and three sites are at the Pike Street Hillclimb Plaza on the Seattle waterfront.
Please review the details below, paying special attention to the site-specific requirements.

Vendors are encouraged to submit vending applications as soon as possible, including available days and times; selections will be made on a first come-first served basis. To learn more about applying for a vending permit, please visit

Fourth and Pine

One new food truck site has been designated on Pine Street at Fourth Avenue. The 45-foot long site is located on the south side of Pine Street in the parallel parking space closest to the east side of Fourth Avenue, as indicated on the map below. This site is in the heart of the downtown retail district, directly between Westlake Center and Westlake Park, highly visible to pedestrians, transit riders, and tourists.

Because Pine Street is a westbound one-way street, trucks will be required to park on the left side of the street and must have the capability to vend from the left side of their vehicle. Vending at this site will be permitted from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. SDOT has secured a restroom agreement with a business near this site and will work with selected vendors to provide access to the facility.


Fourth and Pine food truck area (looking west). SDOT can move planter boxes to accommodate queuing plans.

Fourth and Pine food truck area (looking north).

Pike Street Hillclimb Plaza

The Pike Street Hillclimb Plaza lies east of Alaskan Way and the Elliott Bay Trail, and is located across the street from the Seattle Aquarium and at the bottom of the Pike Hillclimb. The plaza is one of the main corridors for visitors traveling between the waterfront and Pike Place Market, making it a visible location for food vendors.

SDOT has designated one food truck and two food cart sites at the plaza. The truck site is located between Alaskan Way and the elevated plaza. Additionally, one food cart will be permitted to vend on the elevated plaza under the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and another will be permitted just west of the elevated plaza at the bottom of the plaza’s stairs. Truck and cart vending at these locations will be permitted every day of the week from 8 am to 5 pm. Food vendors at this site may be required to facilitate and secure a formal restroom agreement with a nearby business before a permit is issued.


Hillclimb Plaza food truck area (looking north).

Hillclimb Plaza food cart area (looking east).



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