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Permits and Rates

While we prioritize the public use of shoreline street ends, we occasionally permit private uses of street ends. The Shoreline Street Ends Program is funded by the annual permit fees collected from private users, and some of these private uses are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Most permitted private uses occupy only a portion of the street end and therefore still allow for public access. A few private permits are connected to maritime industrial land uses demonstrating an important operational need for an adjacent shoreline street that is incompatible with safe access by the public; these uses take priority over public access.

As established by Ordinance 123611, permit fees are based on a formula that factors in square feet of use, adjacent tax-assessed land values, as well as real estate factors determined by the City Appraiser, including probable public demand and the rate of return. Maritime industrial land uses receive a Maritime Industrial Use Discount Factor, which is consistent with City goals to support industrial activity within Seattle. The permit fee structure was adopted by City Council for SDOT to implement in 2011 and amended in 2014 by Ordinance 124532.

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