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Get Involved and Help Improve Your Local Shoreline Street End!

Improving a street end is a fantastic way to enhance a neighborhood. Many of Seattle’s most appreciated and enjoyed street ends came about as the result of residents and groups partnering with SDOT. At any time, a community organization or a group of neighborhood residents may request a permit to open and develop a street end for public use.

Street end improvements should be designed for quiet enjoyment of the waterfront open space. Improvements can include pathways, small benches, and low-maintenance, drought-resistant plantings. All improved shoreline street ends will include public waterfront access signage.

Local community groups or sponsors provide ongoing stewardship and maintenance.

When an application is approved by SDOT, any private use that conflicts with the plan must be removed at the expense of the property owner.

To learn more about how to improve your local shoreline street end contact:

Diane Walsh at or 206-386-4575


Brian Henry, Manager of the Public Space Management Program at or 206-684-5146 


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