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Host a Neighborhood Block Party

Block Party Downloads:

Permit Application

Party Invitation

In support of Climate Action Now, SDOT is making it easy for you to connect with your neighbors and increase pedestrian use of the Right of Way by making it easy to get a block party permit.

Did you know that transportation accounts for nearly half of the greenhouse gas emissions in Seattle? If everyone drove 1,000 miles less a year, or 20 miles every week, Seattle would meet its current climate protection goals.


How do I close my street for a Block Party?

You can get a free neighborhood block party permit and close your street to traffic as long as you:

Do not live on an arterial street,

Do not close your intersection,

Do not have a bus stop on your block,

Clean up and restore your street before 10pm,

Do not request more than one block party per month,

Talk to your neighbors about the party! Download the Neighbor Invitation here.

You must first submit an application. Individual blocks are responsible for providing informal barricades, and a street closure sign that is 8.5x11 can be downloaded from this web site.

What is the connection to Climate Action Now?

We have a bunch of party ideas to help you and your neighbors reduce your carbon footprint. You can download some ideas from the Climate Action Now Party Pak here.

Here are some examples of trips that you and your friends might be able to reduce.

Is there a fee for block parties?

Traditionally, SDOT has required a $75.00 inspection fee for the permit. However, as of June 2008 the inspection and fee are not required in an effort to strengthen neighborhood spirit and support increased pedestrian use of the right-of-way as part of Climate Action Now. Block parties are defined as events being held by people living along the street and not larger publicized events open to the general public. If the guidelines listed above are not followed, or a complaint is received, a street inspector will be sent to the location and a minimum $75.00 inspection fee reinstated .

What if an emergency vehicle needs to get through during our party?

When setting up for your event, make sure to keep tables to one side of the street and assign two individuals to respond to the end of the street to remove the barricades for the vehicle.


by orcmid

Want to learn on how to engage your neighbors on climate change? Visit or email for more information.

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